A Series of Wallaby Example Apps

Of the many JavaScript testing utilities, Wallaby stands out. Wallaby runs your tests and displays the output directly in your editor, as you type. It's amazing. Check out this 2-min video:

Wallaby requires that you create a configuration file which requires knowledge of Wallaby internals and also, in certain projects, Babel and Webpack.

Here's a few example apps I used to practice setting up Wallaby. In order of complexity:

First, a bare bones node app with virtually zero dependencies, mostly a 'Hello Wallaby' app.

Second, a front end app using the create-react-app package, for which we can copy-paste the suggested wallaby config.

Third and last, a production ready front-end boilerplate that uses Webpack, React, Mocha, Jasmine and other packages, called react-slingshot. Similar to 'create-react-app' but more complex, with different tooling.